Puppy Walks

Puppy Walks

Puppies’ bones are still developing therefore they should not be taken on our routine walks until they are old enough. We advise 5 minutes per month of your puppy’s age. We measure our puppy walks on time not distance.

The outside world is an exciting place for puppies, they are experiencing new sights, smells and sounds and sometimes they will just stand still to take these in as it can also all be a bit overwhelming for a little puppy!

Our standard puppy walks consist of:

  • Arriving at your home and letting the puppy outside into the garden. We do this first because pups often do an “excited wee” when stimulated so in a hope to avoid this we will only fuss your puppy once they are outside
  • Doing a check of the house/puppy’s living area for any accidents
  • Topping up puppy’s water bowl if needed
  • Feeding puppy if needed
  • Putting puppy’s collar/harness on, checking it is secure and attaching puppy’s lead
  • Securely locking client’s door
  • Taking puppy out for agreed amount of time going at the puppy’s pace and letting them take in all the new sights and sounds
  • Reinforcing any agreed training, this includes lead walking and recall
  • Sending photos of your pup enjoying their walks
  • Once we have got half way through the allotted time, turn backing regardless of how far we have walked. This is to ensure we do not over exercise your pup before their bones are fully formed
  • Returning home and calmly settling your puppy back in their living area giving them a treat when we leave
  • Securely locking your house when leaving

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