Routine Walks

Routine Dog Walks

Our routine walks are usually solo dog walks. We offer this as standard because we want to give our undivided attention to your pooch. Bark About will provide all treats, poo bags (eco-friendly) and clean up material unless agreed otherwise with you. We will also reinforce any positive based training methods that you are teaching/have taught your dog and provide a report card saying how much of a good boy/girl they have been. We will also upload pictures from your dog’s walk onto your dog’s online portal and over WhatsApp if requested.

We understand that some of our customers may prefer their dog to go on a group walk so we can offer this service if required. We will only walk your dog with a maximum of 2 other dogs based on the needs and characteristics of each dog.

Take a look below at the processes involved in our routine walks:

  • Arrive at your property between the agreed time slots
  • Greet your dog and give them a fuss
  • Do a quick once over of your dog’s space, checking they have enough water and clearing up any accidents if needed
  • Get your dog walk-ready by attaching their harness/collar and lead
  • Lock the door on the way out
  • Take your dog out within the local area
  • Return your dog back after the agreed walk time, give them a wipe down with one of our towels
  • Settle them as you would do before we leave. For example using the same commands as you do/putting them back in their crate if your dog is crate trained/putting music on for them and of course, giving them one last treat before we leave
  • Ensure we leave the house as we found it and if needed, clean up any doggie accidents, and lock the door on departure

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